Hello again, my dear. I took only one week of rest, and I came back all numbed down, heh, I guess that's all I needed. I don't have much to tell you, I visited places appropiated for me, stayed in an old friend's house that now is a brothel, and maybe the most interesting thing I did is... uhm, taking two men out of a bar who annoyed me SO much trying to flirt with me, promising them to find a room for us. I'm a very good actor, good deceiver, whatever you want to call it. Furthest I went was just kissing them to swallow their soul, heh. I was getting hungry, you can't blame me. There's no rules against getting souls in those kind of ways, it's for personal consumption only so it's okay. The deal thingy it's only done to keep Hell's economy going, but as always, there will be an underground market and many illicit ways of getting what we want. Anyways, less efforts means less satiating results. I only did it because my hunger was growing big from being apart from my master. I think it's a mechanism on our bodies that makes us feel slight pain and discomfort when we run away and we stay a long period of time without any activity.

Talking about masters, Margaret is still wearing my collar and I could feel both's presence and it makes my head feel so convoluted, they are edging each other SO much it's unbearable, at the moment I didn't know why but when I got back I was informed why... well, after a big fight with him. I didn't expect him getting so mad at me after giving him some time alone. “What did you want me to do? You were ASKING for me to keep away from both of you.” I said, calmly, but he raised his voice. “Well just stay here for God's sake! Did I wager my soul for this so called service you are giving?” I instantly backed away as he called God, but he grabbed me by the collar and shook me as my head started to hurt so much. He told me... He thinks that I'm only pretending to serve him, that I only pretend to helplessly answer his calls, he called me a liar. And yes, I am, but I never lied to him, I never lie to my masters, I'm so loyal, so kind, such a good servant, I'm such a good servant I can't spare how obedient I am, I work so hard for him, and there I was being accused of not following our deal. In a moment he said that he wanted the contract back so he could just tear it away if it had no meaning for me. I looked him in the eye, I think I almost had tears running down my cheeks, I asked him if he was ready to afront the punishment he could have if he wanted to defy Hell like that. He knew I was being serious, he let fall on the floor. “And then what punishment you get if you defy my orders?” I took my time to fix my blouse and try to get my hair out of my face's way, but still I sat on the floor, still I looked down. “Whatever... Whatever Master wants.” I replied, shamefully smiling to myself.

And he did, he collared me, dragged me across the floor while I was struggling to tell him that I would be pleased to collaborate, asking him to stop being so rough, but I eventually shut my mouth, I could bear that, it was okay, that's what he wanted. He chained me up to one of the house's room. “Seems I need to keep you immobilized like this to stop you from running away. Mindless, wanton demon.” He mocked me again. It hurt, it hurt so much, my dear reader. And I could have easily escaped, I could have shattered the chains around my wrists and neck and kill Faust in the moment I desired, I was furious and frustrated enough to do so, but I kept calm, because... Hell, I can't even describe how good that felt. So incredibly good, you can't imagine... the heat that was enveloping my body as he manhandled me taking a handfull of my hair to keep me in place as I tried to push his anger away. I'm so tired, this is all so tiring, my dear reader, my dear... I wish to be destroyed. I wish to fear as I did during that fight. I already told you how much I enjoy to feel small and powerless, and this was the straw that broke the camel's back. This shattered me whole.

I knew that Faust would come back and say sorry, he needs my help. I obviously told him there was no need to apologize. Now I was taking my work seriously. Oh I will take my work so seriously. He asked me if I could do something to keep away Margaret's mother as long as possible. There, that's why they both couldn't satisfy each other.

I plan on preparing some... sedatives with things left in Faust's laboratory. His request doesn't amerit some kind of magical intervention, remember that she is a very ill woman, and that she is most of the time lying in her bed while Margaret takes care of her. She is the one who will slip the sedative in her mother's first cup of water, and that might be a problem, I think she won't do it, at least herself. It will be a big surprise if the girl's love for Faust is stronger than her will to care for her mother. I will think of it as some kind of test to see if we could get to finally corrupt her. I joked about this in front of Faust, and he got SO angry, it seems that he's still trying to convince himself that what he's doing is not immoral at all.

Aside from all of this, and the preparations for Faust's final strike, not much more has happened. Our relationship has changed a lot since this incident, and he looks... somewhat uncomfortable around me after showing me that side of him. He still looks a little bit regretful, and I tease him about it, telling that it's okay, that a big scolding was what I needed. I think he's now worried about me.

Also I forgot to add, during my small vacations I spent some time down in Hell with my friends and I thought it would be fun if I presented them to you! I could collect a lot of information about them to show you, and it's all in their own speech! here! I hope that you can entertain yourself getting to know each one of them.

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