05-contacting me

Faust it's not all by himself, if you remember the night I met him he was alongside one of his students. He had various attendants before, and his current one has been by his side for a couple of years already. Maybe he is the reason he hadn't commited suicide all this time, he looks like a very friendly, kind of clumsy guy. His name is Wagner. Faust told me all of this today's evening after receiving him in his home, I had to transform into a dog again, the guy recognized me instantaneously from that last night, and he spent so much time trying to get closer to pet me... I got annoyed and I growled at him to make him stay away from me, and I could catch a glimpse of Faust containing what I think it would have been a hearty laugh as he saw Wagner retreat in fear. The fact that I was there with Faust surprised the man, saying that Faust would never keep anyone by his side, be it an equal, a woman or an animal. Faust just gave an effortless smile, and told him that he was feeling a little bit lonely and taking care of a dog it's the best he could afford. Wagner laughed it off.

It seems both of them know well their boundaries, Wagner could be a potential friend, but Faust has such strong and big walls built around him, he keeps so much space between him and anyone else. I can't blame him, everyone that approaches him sees him as a professor, not as a common man. I wonder if I will be able to help him understand himself and what he really wants in his life.

Changing the topic a little bit, I had this thing going around my mind that was driving me crazy, because the name ''Faust'' ringed a bell for me, and after so many hours of trying to recapitulate every episode of my life, I finally know why. There was another man I hang out with some time ago, his name was Faustus, Doctor Faustus, and I remember him as man obsessed with being a demon overlord, he wrote a lot about me and my other colleagues, leaving many sketchy grimoires scattered all over the city where we lived together. When I came back to Hell for a while to write this and the past entry I tried to find information about these grimoires, it was a little hard but I found something!

It seems some people know about me thanks to Doctor Faustus, but well, I can't do much about it, no case on trying to keep my name a secret, so I'll attach my seal and citation so you can call me anytime if you are willing to negotiate with me, I'm probably free of work the time you get to read this.

call me

I play dirty, you are warned!

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