03-off to work

Soon I'll get back to work, I'm very excited. I wonder what I'm gonna catch down there this time. I've been finishing tasks very quickly, I'm not doing in on purpose, I swear, I guess humans are getting weaker and weaker as time passes, these are very rough times for everyone, and they love a little bit of escapism to forget their problems. They think they are in full control of what they want, but soon they get lost in their own desires and dreams. It's kind of sad, but better for me nonetheless, I guess. I still would love to stay on earth for a long, long time, I know I'll probably get bored soon, but I'm already bored in the place where I am. It's like a prison for us, but my colleagues try to avoid to think about it that way. when I start to talk about how we should escape from hell and move on, do what we really want to do, they instantaneously treat me like an indisciplined child. They forgot about what they really love to do, they are totally braindead. Lord, to think that these where some of the most dangerous criminals back then...

So, as I just told you, I'm soon getting off to work. I'm calling it ''work'' to give you some context, but for me is super fun, not a task at all, I just love spending time with humans. I think I could be called a... negotiatior, a bargainer. I offer services to my clients, lend them part of my power, in exchange of some minimum or even nonexistent pay. Sometimes I can't call these contracts a ''deal'', they are better described as very dangerous games of power and self control, that's actually what contacting the devil is all about... But you know, only skilled magicians know about this; ordinary, hedonistic, desperate humans always fall quickly. That's where I need to aim. What always comes into play is their souls, that's all we are after. We need to offer souls to our lord as some kind of fief, just to keep living here. We don't know why or how our Lord uses these souls, for me it smells very fishy, but whatever. I tried to escape this place multiple times and I still think about it, but I'm so sucked up by my colleague's routine. It's...sad.

Just a theory of mine, but I think that souls are deeply integrated within the heart!

My ways usually change from time to time, I always learn new things and get better at bargaining, but for now my contract says that I offer humans my services without any type of payment, but if they ever find a moment so joyful it makes them wish for it to never end, their soul will instantly get into my claws. This never failed for me, and I always end up wining. Until some time ago my contracts consisted of twenty four years of my service in exchange of one's soul, but I noticed that the contract only attracted spoiled people and not many accepted it since they knew that their soul was going to get taken by yours truly sooner or later. Howhever it was a nice excuse to stay there for long periods of time, but being under the same master for such a long time bored me to death, it's not my style, at least I haven't found a human that made me want to stick to them forever

As much as I talk dirty about my colleagues, I love them in my own way, and I enjoy their company, I've been along their side for a couple of long centuries after all, and when we work together we have so much fun! I should talk about them someday here, please be patient my dear reader!

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