Yesterday I carried out my plan. I'll tell you everything that happened, it was SO tiring, some problems arose. First off, I wanted to do that thing I suggested in the last entry, getting her some gifts in Faust's name, but then I thought that calling his name would be too straightforward and probably terrify her even more since Faust didn't give what I would call a good impression. So, what do I do? I thought to myself. I didn't want to give up on my plan, but that ment to risk some things. You know, I have a nice lace choker collar that is very heavy since it has attached some little chains and pendants. It's one of my favourites, and I don't use it only as an oranment for my body but also to keep me happy. One of the pendants it has is a cross, it dangles inverted from the collar. I'm really fond of it, it's one of the first gifts I've been given and I use it a lot for divination, the relationship I have with it it's the source of the power it holds. I thought of making a collar with it and giving it to her along with some more jewelry, so I did. It wouldn't be using magic directly on her, so it was safe. If I could made her wear it, I would easily keep trace of her, her thoughts and emotions, and it would be much easier to get those two together, or even . The idea was indeed very risky, but it was worth it since I'm really confident on that little thing!

I got up early when Faust was still snoring and walked to her home with the little chest containing the offerings, I put it gently on the girl's windowsill and quickly flee from that place, praying to Lucifer for the success of my plan. I felt relieved when I could still somehow locate the little cross and even start feeling up the girl's aura coming from her room. A secret, it...made me so excited... Those kind of virgins are my weakness. But Margaret is Faust's prey so it's better if I stay away from her. Anyways, I quickly got familiarized with that feeling and calmed down. When I got back home Faust was awake. “Where were you, demon? I thought you had escaped from me” He asked when he saw me opening the door. “How dare my Master imply that? I would never escape from you, it could maybe be the other way around though... Oh, forget about that, I was off doing some miracles.” I quickly answered. That's how most of our interactions are.

Everything was going alright until I start feeling more auras around my device. And soon everything inside my head starts feeling convoluted, it starts feeling as everything is BURNING. I flee from my master's home without a word, trying to figure out what was happening. Turns out the girl's mother catched her while she was curiously analyzing her gifts, and made her donate all of it to the church. Now I had to retrieve my collar back while I was in agonizing pain. I don't know how I did it, I disguised myself as a priest and took back the chest as fast as I could. You don't know how hot is a sacred place's floor to a demon's feet! It's been a long time since so much pain was inflicted to my body.

So, first try was a total fail, and I say first try because there was no way I would give up on my plan, it was going so nicely, and it was all ruined because an old hag catched the girl wearing some jewelry. The second time I tried was succesful thanks to Hell, she didn't brush it off as some coincidence, she hid away the little chest in her closet and planned to go see her aunt to talk to her about it, probably to wear it without being scolded. So, she started to visit her aunt frequently. Today Faust intercepted her.

When Faust approached her, she shyly accepted. The girl said things I already knew, such as her desire to apologize to him for the way she greeted him in their first meeting, andher desire to know more about him, too. It was so fun to hear Faust's heart pound so hard, I could hear it above their voices... so cute and pathetic. I still felt slightly awful the whole day, I had to distract the girl's aunt while the two lovebirds continued with their walk. It was easy though, the woman was very interested in me, I paid attention to her gossiping about the neightneighbours and I did her nails when she showed me her set of manicure. I gave those two enough time to get to kiss each other, and I'm sure they did because when we were going back home Faust looked as if he where walking in heaven, he didn't talk to me, all I did was stare at him weirded out and perplexed at the fact that I still wasn't holding his soul between my hands.

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