Judgement always comes along Justice. You've contemplated a lot about your situation, your decisions, your attitudes, and that's all that had to be done. The only way you can learn from your mistakes is reflecting yourself about them, no change can be accomplished if you only listen what others have to say, their judgement is shallow, superficial. True judgement comes from within oneself, because only you authentically know the reason behind your actions.

And when reflecting, you've learned a lot about yourself, haven't you? You've met some new truths, and I thought that you would be feeling joyful, but I can only sense sadness coming from you, why?

After Judgement you're free again. You can choose a new whole beginning, write your story again. You're now fresh, the wheigh of your sins dissapeared now that you know who you really are. You were given a new opportunity to be who you wanted to be for this whole time.

What will you do now, that endless doors are suddenly opening in front of your eyes? And so many of those show you a future without the suffering of the past, of that lowly life you've been carrying along until now. You can now let it go, Mephistophiel. Or should I call you Azrael?

You weren't carrying out a curse, you were working for divine justice to be fulfilled, Azrael, and you've done a very good job. You're the angel of death, you were all along, and that will forever be your true identity and bringing rest is the duty you're destined to accomplish. Your work has been mixed with lust, the other side of the axis you're standing, you've commited many mistakes, but you shouldn't torture yourself anymore for giving in, because you've been alredy judged. You've earned your break, I won't give you more work, our deal is done.

You probably can't understand right now how important and noble your work is, Azrael. You bring peace, you finish cycles, you grant release. People are so grateful for you, you're so loved, so appreciated by humankind. You take care of their souls no matter their final destiny, you say goodbye to them with a gentle kiss, you make everyone go with a smile.

You're an angel. So why are you not happy? You've come so far from Hell.