We could get the girl's attention by following the sketchy plan I talked about in the last entry, but some problems arose. I peeked through the window that went inside her room, and placed there a small chest some pretty necklaces and bracelets. But the girl could tell that something was wrong with it, and her mother saw her with her new jewelry anyway and told her to donate it to the church and she did as commanded. A total fail.

When I told Faust, he got angry at me and I got even angrier, but I as you know I can do nothing about it. I tried it a second time, she wouldn't brush it off as some coincidence or mistake if the same thing happened again. And I succeeded, Margaret hid away the little chest in her closet and planned to go see her aunt to talk to her about it, probably to wear it without being scolded. So, she started to visit her aunt frequently. Faust intercepted her in one of these visits.

When Faust approached her, she shyly accepted. I could hear the girl saying that she thought about him a lot, that she wanted to know more about Faust. It's funny that I actually could hear Faust's heart pound even louder than their voices. So cute and pathetic. I still felt awful the whole day, I had to distract the girl's aunt while the two lovebirds went hiking together. It was easy though, the woman was very interested in me... I was thinking for a long time that I have something that makes female often very attracted to me, but I'm not sure. Anyways I heard her gossiping about the neightneighbours and I did her nails when she showed me her set of manicure. I gave those two enough time to get to kiss each other, and I'm sure they did because when we were going back home Faust looked as if he where walking in heaven, he didn't talk to me, all I did was stare at him weirded out and perplexed at the fact that I still wasn't holding his soul between my hands.

I escorted him during some more visits, but I wasn't that useful anymore, Margaret started to sneak out of her house since her mother is very ill right now and is always in bed. My presence has even become a problematic, Faust has told me that the girl started questioning him about his ideas, ocupation, religion stuff... And about me. The girl doesn't like me, she has told him that I'm not good company, that she feels like I'm not a good man. Such a perceptive little girl, but sadly for her I'm not leaving his side anytime soon, I'll stay by his side until he succumbs. Faust won't ever escape me

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