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inflection point

“Monster! Abominable, heartless being, you disgust me!” It was the first time a couple of words made Mephisto so anxious, he grabbed his face, tried to turn down the volume shrinking down, contracting his whole body and hugging himself. “Oh please God, send him where he belongs, return him into his original form! How dare you!” It was always so painful when he called god, even if god won't listen, even if god had abandoned him and, himself, the devil, was the only one who stuck by Faust's side. How dare him, Mephisto thought to himself. How dare him insult him that way, how dare him disrespect him, how dare him again switch the responsability to him. Faust didn't learn nothing from all the days they've been together. He wanted to run away, and he didn't care if his disappearance looked like god attending Faust's call.

Mephisto somehow found peace by her side. Somehow he always forgot that he was a demon when he spent time with her. She called Mephisto some nights ago, when she was put into her cell. There were nights when she screamed at him, saying that she doesn't know him, and that she wants to have a peaceful time until her execution, that she didn't want to have anything to do with a creature like him because she needed to redeem herself. There were other times when she welcomed him with a melancholic smile and ask for his help. She needed help for various tasks, such as cleaning the floors, washing her clothes, wash her face and brush her hair, other times she would ask him if he could bring her son back to life again, other times she would ask him to punish the man who ruined her life. It made the demon shiver in terror. Mephisto, plotting against his own Master that way? he immediatly refused. “Why do you come here, then...” the girl asked. “Do you pity me?” Mephisto, almost speechless at the emptyness of the tone of her voice, had a hard time finding the answer. Yes, he kind of pitied her, he was a third person expectator of the tragedy being unfolded since day one, but he was scared of admitting that. “It's not like that... I just can't ignore your calls. Y-You are very powerful, you know?” Mephisto showed her a slight smile, and she reached to one of his arms. Her hand felt so cold, so cold you would have thought it was lie that the same hand was warm some day in the past, it was warm, soft and full of love until she fell into the wrong arms.

“So, I'm not powerful enought to make you help me with my last plead?”
“That doesn't depend on the power you have, I already told you, I can't, I'm serving another person... Aside from that, you should search for peace, you deserve a place in heaven, you suffered long enough, you'll suffer much more if you start business with the devil”
“But I think I won't find peace if I don't make him pay for his sins...”
“He will, Margaret, I'm sure.”

Yes, he will pay for his sins, and that same night, that same moment, Mephisto decided he would be the executioner of the curse he deserved upon him.

As the same way as Faust, Margaret's stroke didn't tremble, and even her wound didn't stop bleeding until Mephisto aided her with shaky hands. It was so inappropiate that Mephisto was the one who was all disturbed when Margaret kept the same antipathetic aura. Still, she asked the demon if he was okay. “Yes... Yes, I'm okay. We're going to be okay.”

Mephisto wondered why the girl trusted him so much. He sometimes didn't recognize her, she was so broken, so torned apart, there was no traze of the girl he first saw coming out of the church, no pureness left. Margaret didn't recognize him either, there were times when she fell into a state of trance and then wake up saying that his face seemed a little bit familiar, but nothing far from that. It felt a so bad knowing that he was the one who helped Faust ruin his life, but now that feeling disappeared in front of the new experience they both shared, which was being hurt by the same person.

Mephisto had no shame when he came back to Faust's home, the man actually was calling him back for some time ago. He just kept his mouth shut and helped Faust get into Margaret's cell, playing along with the last scene where the hero saves his poor princess. It hurt Mephisto seeing her go, he got too attached, he for the first time had someone who related to. But he knew she was still going to be by his side, she wouldn't go anywhere, his work didn't even begin even as they left the cell her precense didn't fade away. The demon wondered if he did the right thing, he started to worry if he would regret this later, but there was no turning back.