Happy Walpurgisnacht!

Yesterday night we had so much fun, and for the first time my human body is feeling the pain and discomfort of the hangover. Still I couldn't be more happier. I drank so much wine... But I'm glad that I seem to remember everything, at least I remember things that will keep me in a good mood for a long while.

I saw many faces that I haven't seen in decades, the bodies who carry the greatest legends of humankind, demons and curious angels alike, witches and sorcerers. Everyone was talking, laughing, dancing, drinking and making love around a great fire that was the devil himself. Still, all the turmoil, the music and the sound of the wood cracking was bothering me a little bit, so I wanted to go up a little bit to the mountain, and when I noticed Faust was at the other side of the fire, being dragged by a sea of witches. It was some tough work to get him back, but we finally were walking arm in arm. While I sat talking with old acquaintances I saw Faust enjoying himself, dancing along many devilish damsels. From time to time he would switch partners because the girls would playfully prank him, or show their true frightening forms. I couldn't help but laught at his reactions.

There was a moment where Faust saw a girl who reminded him of Margaret, and I thought that everything would go downhill from there. I tried to change topics, or to take him somewhere else, and still Faust kept watching her with a saddened gaze, but only for a couple of seconds. He quickly looked away and shook his head, only to ask me for another cup of wine. He smiled at me for the first time, and I instantly asked him why the big smile. ''You have a bigger one'' he answered, and after a slight pause he kept talking ''and it makes you look more human than you should.'' I started to feel all dizzy again.

A couple hours went while we drank and laugh with others, then there was a play in the mountain, and I barely remember much of it because I kept nuzzling into Faust's side, and he playfully ran his fingers through my hair, and, God... I felt so vulnerable and I couldn't even look at him in the eye, I don't know why. And Faust noticed and he started to tease me, grabbing me by the chin and trying to make eye contact with me, and I tried to show that I was getting annoyed but my cheeks were hurting a little bit and I knew that there was a smile in my face that wouldn't go away for a long time. Next thing I remember is him holding my face and caressing my cheeks with both his hands, just as I did some nights ago, and then kissing my lips.

The rest of the night he made me promise a lot of things, things that I shouldn't have promised but I did anyway, and all because I just let myself go between his loving hands. and I don't know how to feel about this all... It worries me. It worries me that I'm worried about this, it isn't like me, but still I never felt so alive before and it makes me so happy. And I just wish he would praise my smile again.

Make me feel human again

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