Tonigh I'm not feeling whole. Tonight I'm suffering from a crushing existential dread. It's so hard for me, my dear reader, when I start questioning whether this body is mine or not it starts hurting right away, as if it's not letting me think properly, as if it wants to convince me that I'm its true inhabitant... Why does it try so hard then... What does it has to hide? It makes me so dizzy to look at myself at the mirror, when I walk and notice that I left my body roam on its own. Sometimes it walks faster and I need to catch upp with it, other times I leave it behind. if I only could tie myself to it. If I only were its trie owner... I don't know if I'm taking someone's body, or if this thing is just some kind of mannequinn made to contain my consciousness. I think that I'll never know.

Today Hell feels a little bit warmer.

And I'm feeling this way just because I got a little bit upset with Faust's first demands. The only thing he wants is a girlfriend. I'm not sure why this frustrated me so much, maybe because it's been a few days and this is already ending? Maybe. I kind of feel worse because he just started to open up a little bit to meand I lost his attention so soon... To some peasant religious girl he saw during one of our hikes down town. My self esteem lowered a lot.

I repeatedly told him that I'm powerless over people like her, but he was SO stubborn, SO insistent, I had to come up with a plan quickly but as I got stressed I started to feel sick again. All we did was follow her home. Yes, I'm sorry, I know we sound super creepy, but we did nothing bad, we just gathered information.

Getting her in his arms will be a little tricky, but not impossible. Maybe I can't act directly with my magic, but young girls like her are very impressionable so it will be easy to get her attention. I'll maybe threw her some fancy jewelry with some extra love spells... Then the girl will be crazy for him, he will enjoy her presence and wish for their relationship to never end, and then I'll retrieve his soul. Easy, simple, quick... Well, my fault for having such high expectatives for Faust. May I have a longer lasting and much more exciting relationship with my next Master.

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