Oh worm.

Hello? Hi? I wonder how you got here. This place is so... vast. It makes me feel very small. And since you're here and you'll probably stick around much more time, seeing myself with your own eyes, please let me tell you a secret so we can start getting more confident with one another: I kind of enjoy the feeling of being abrumated by giant spaces, by bodies bigger than mine.

I'll probably use this place as a diary, I guess. I'll tell you my neverending tales... Neverending is another big word, it's so comforting, so overwhelming, that's how I remember it, because I'm already used to it, and it doesn't have the same effect if I know that I will be forever chained to time, it'll never stop for me. It causes me great dread, so I'm looking foward to getting myself killed in some stage of my life in one way or another. It will be also better for you, luckily this wont get too long, I swear, stay by my side, you are very welcome ♥

What was this place called anyways? I really can't get the hang of it, it's not magic, and it's not similar to the technology avaliable in the current timeline where I'm stuck, it's a whole different dimention where time doesn't exists. Everything stays still and you have access to archives from future and past. I could probably use that for my advantage, but now I'm too confused (and honestly feeling very lazy) to make something big out of this. Just the thought of not being alone is enough.

Please keep accompanying me

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