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    For whatever reason it might be, you may want to call an angel directly and ask them for help. Usually people call for angels and archangels since beings on the bottom of the hierarchy are only useful to god. There is very little knowledge about this practice since the skilled mages who call angels are practitioners of white magic, and they are very serious about their selfless labour, and they are very secretive about their powers.

    Angels can be called with sigils as demons do, but as recently said there is not much knowledge shared about this topic, this is why is better to make your own sigil to call the angel from who do you want help. The method I'm about to share is still valid to call any being you want.

    The Rose Wheel Method

    The rose wheel consists of 22 petals each corresponding to a letter in the Hebrew Alephbet which you will convert to it's English phonetic equivalent for our purposes. To begin you start with your statement of intention or in our case, the name of the angel we want to call, for this example let's say that our goal is to call the archangel Gabriel.

    It's very easy for us to find a transliteration of our guest's name since he is a canonical archangel, but otherwhise we should take our time to remove the vowels except the -Ae- since in the hebrew alpahbet there are no vowels. Next step is just trazing a line to connect each letter of the name, starting the stroke with a circle and finishing it with a cross.

    The end result is now your sigil. You can further embellish it with the same method, expressing your wishes or calling even other beings, but if you're new to this I don't reccomend it, take care to not overwhelm this sigil, be patient, it's better to bargain with your angel when they decided to answer your calls.

    What to expect

    Angels are incredibly powerful beings. If you have put all your power and hope in the process of making the sigil, you'll probably feel their presence instantaneusly. Take your time to do research of the angel you're calling so you won't get any surprise, if you can, contact people who already made a strong relationship with that angel you desire to call, ask them all the questions you have. The end result will always depend on you. My intention is not to be a moral compass for you, I only intend to give you information. I do not consider myself as a good person, and you probably don't either, so my only advice is: think about the outcome of your actions.

    You should always be thinking about your goals and your reasons, you must appear confident, no one likes a whiny weak sorcerer, you will make your angel stay if you show constant desire to grow, and if you're good at this, you may even grow stronger than them... and finally gain their control. So always ask yourself ''What are your goals? What do I want to gain from this? Power? Healing? Love? Experience? Revenge? Do you care if you end up judged for your actions? If they end backfiring? Why are you doing this? Why? Why? Why? Why did you call me? Why do you make me suffer so much? Why did you choose me? Why do you keep me up chained, why did you cut my wings? Why did you take my eyes, now I can't see who I really am. Why? Why? I am not supposed to be doing this.